Current Prize Package

Miss Vermont's Outstanding Teen 2017

Dale Carneigie Training Course $1,775
Impact Leadership Through Strategic Presentation $1,775
Miss Vermont Scholarship Fund $1,000


Total Scholarships & Awards Available $4,550

(The number of awards given each year is determined by the number of contestant entered each year)


In Addition to Scholarships and Awards, Miss Vermont's Outstanding Teen 2017 also receives a prize package including:


*  Official Miss America State Crown, Crown Box, Sash, & Crown Pin

*  Gregory Ellenburg - $750 toward her MAOTeen Competition Gown   

*  A fully stocked Titleholder Essentials kit from MVSO

*  Kayla Westcom - Make-up training for her year

*  Hammerfit Athletics – One-Year gym membership

*  Jon Adams Photography – Professional Photo Shoots for her year

* Trip to MAOTeen, Orlando